Spur Asset Growth

Only the Best

Spur Assets represent the best of the best from strategic accelerator ecosystems around the world.

Based in the Spur Innovation center at the epicenter Waterloo region renowned for innovation and entrepreneurship and having a magnitude more startups per capita than anywhere else in the world.   From bricks and mortar to people, Spur Assets invests in the best markets, industries, infrastructure and people in these revolutionary ecosystems.

Young talent in Engineering, Software, IT , Sciences and Math –  Only the top 1% of students are accepted.  The most enterprising graduates from this already elite group apply to the world renowned accelerator centers of which  only 2% are accepted.  This is the best 1 in 5000.

The accelerators build their entrepreneurs skills and foundation for high growth companies and these companies graduate when they become cash positive and are ready to take flight. Spur Assets chooses the best of them and helps them soar.  Our choices are the one in a million by design – truly the Best of the Best of the Best.

Mitigate Risk and Spur Returns

Successful assets are diversified  across the highest performing emerging high growth industries, technologies and markets.  Spur measures the performance of technology assets in terms of value, risk and reward.

This mitigates risks by while maximizing growth potential.  This way we avoid putting our eggs in one basket while still leveraging maximum potential across many market segments.

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